Building a national network that supports the flourishing of pastors, congregations, faith-based organizations, and theological education focused on cities


To gather and connect generations of leaders concerned with the future of Christian faith in our cities by sharing resources, ideas, and practices for life-giving ministry across North America and beyond


Rev. Dr. Mark R. Gornik, Co-Director

Dr. Maria Liu Wong, Co-Director

Min. April Picon, Program Coordinator

Rex Agyemang, Learning Network Program Associate

Eva Ting, Events and Arts Administrator

Bishop Vivian Grubb, Grants Program Fellow

Resource Fellows

Min. Miriam Acevedo, Learning Network

Rev. Peter Acevedo, Grants and Learning Network

Rev. Dr. Geomon George, Research and Learning Network

Reji George, Research

Sarah Gerth van den Berg, Research and Learning Network; Creative Community Care Residency Co-Director

Sasha Hallock, Creative Community Care Curatorial Program Assistant

Dr. Afia Sun Kim, Research

Bethia Liu, Graphic Design

Hannah Newman-Pan, Communications