The Ministry in the City HUB provides invitational one-year grants ranging from $5-$25,000 to support the work of doing, thinking about, and connecting together around ministry in cities across North America.

Grants are awarded up to twice a year. Grantees attend three meetings in a cohort-based learning community as well as optional informal networking events and resource workshops.

Grant Project Descriptions

Rev. Ronnie Farmer, Real Community Covenant Church (Marion, IN) 2020-22
Design for Cultural Exchange and Racial Reconciliation Among Children

This project will help shape the racial consciousness of children and youth in a way that would orient them toward loving their neighbor rightly. The project is also a call to churches in their community to a new or renewed sense of commitment to racial reconciliation, and a way to create spaces for cultural exchange within its preschool between children and leaders of color by providing a teaching opportunity for an immigrant or Native Spanish Speaker.

Rev. Kelly Fassett, Unite Boston (Boston, MA) 2020-22
    Building Capacity for UniteBoston’s Bridge-Building Work

UniteBoston will work on a capacity-building initiative to fund a part-time administrative staff person and a dialogue across difference training. For the past ten years, UniteBoston’s united worship events, website, and neighborhood dinners have brought together Christians across historic divisions of race, denomination, and generation.

Dr. Kyuboem Lee with Dr. Susan Baker, Missio Seminary (Philadelphia, PA) 2021-22
    Adaptive Urban Mission in Philadelphia After 2020

For many years, Missio Theological Seminary has sought to educate practitioners in ministry research and development, and now it seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the changed context of Philadelphia and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Missio will conduct colloquia and focus groups, as well as facilitate a program of research associates. The outcome of the project will be published in a special edition of the on-line Journal of Urban Mission at the end of 2022.

Gabriela Hernandez, Church of Our Savior (New York, NY) 2021-22
Cafe con Cristo with Youth

Church of Our Savior in Bronx, New York, served by the Yarumal Missionaries, a Catholic Mission Society from Colombia, South America.  Their project is aimed at youth in the parish community with the main goal to improve the spiritual, cultural, and lifelong community formation of youth.  They have a vision of helping the local parish community and broadening the worldview of young people in the parish to increase awareness towards those who are less fortunate in North America and beyond through “Cafe con Cristo.”

Christopher Lawrence, Novo Mission (Harlem, NY) 2021-22
InnerCHANGE East Harlem

InnerCHANGE East Harlem NYC was launched in January 2019 by a family who had relocated from England back in 2014. The team is committed to Jesus-centered companionship alongside those struggling with the tough challenges of loneliness, loss of direction, isolation, and poor health. This project focuses on 284 residents of a public housing apartment building, Gaylord White Houses (GWH) in New York’s East Harlem neighborhood. The grant will be allocated to building relationships with Seniors at GWH to provide support, healthy activities and learning opportunities as well as constructing a new garden to serve as a space for community building.

Dr. David Leong, Seattle Pacific Seminary (Seattle, WA) 2020-21
Urban Ministry Leadership Cohort

This project aims to develop a graduate student leadership cohort at Seattle Pacific Seminary focused on urban ministry, local community engagement, and theological education in the city. This project will connect a small group of emerging leaders at Seattle Pacific Seminary to community leaders in the city of Seattle in a transformative way that would give students a broader vision for both theological education in general and urban ministry in particular.

Oluwatoyin Omolola, DSI International (New York, NY) 2020-21
The Timothy Project

“The Timothy Project” is aimed at enhancing leadership and advocacy skills in African immigrant youth in multi-generational and multicultural/mixed status homes. Based in Brooklyn, NY, but implemented across the city, this project will empower participants to see the links between “calling” in ministry and serving in community as other ways of fulfilling ministry rather than the notion of standing behind the pews, which is the common understanding in these communities.

Debra Ortiz, Esperanza Health Center (Philadelphia, PA) 2020-21
Community Greater than COVID (Community > COVID) Initiative

This project aims to leverage partnerships between Esperanza Health Center (EHC), a faith-based health-clinic serving the North Philadelphia community, and local churches, faith-based ministries, and other non-profits for community-driven advocacy and education around COVID-19 precautions, testing and quarantining, and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Hosffman Ospino, Boston College (Boston, MA) 2020-22
Prophetic Ministerial Leadership and Creative Responses to COVID-19 Challenges in Inner-City Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry

This is a study that will take the pulse of the impact of COVID-19 on Catholic parishes with Hispanic Ministry in select inner-city contexts throughout the United States. The grant supports this research project on prophetic ministerial leadership and creative responses to COVID-19, and the impact on Hispanic ministry.

Agustin Quiles, Mission Talk (Orlando, FL) 2021-22
Mission Talk Performing Arts and Justice Initiative

Mission Talk is a Latino network of community practitioners that seeks to transform marginalized communities through justice education, community organizing and advocacy.  Their project, a performing arts initiative, will be a vehicle to introduce their work in local churches and mobilize young people to get involved in their own communities. Through the performing arts, Mission Talk will provoke additional conversations in schools, colleges and in faith-based communities that shy away from social causes. They hope to engage the faith communities in the city to take a more active role in civic engagement and social justice.

Jude Tiersma-Watson, First Presbyterian Church (Pomona, CA) 2021-22
Urban Contemplation: Rhythms that Sustain Life in the City

An urban multicultural church made up of people growing in faith as followers of Jesus and joining in God’s kingdom work in Pomona, First Presbyterian Church will host this grant for Jude Tiersma-Watson as she works on “Urban Contemplation: Rhythms that Sustain Life in the City.” This grant proposes to understand more deeply the role of contemplation in the urban context, the dynamic between retreat and engagement in city life, and the kinds of practices and rhythms that promote thriving in the city. Art will also be used in this project – and two examples will be pursued. One is the role of mosaics as a way to take bits broken of materials and create them into something redemptive and new, as God does in our lives and in the life of the city. The second is a mural on a blank wall in a community garden across the street from the First Presbyterian Church in Pomona.