“..look for God in your city. Become sensitive to the ways he is at work there, both through his children and through others of good will…he is alive and well in your city, seeking to redeem its people, transform its institutions, and bring justice for its poor and marginalized.”

Robert Linthicum

An essential part of our work at the HUB is research. We are always learning more about the many individuals, groups, and communities God has placed in cities to work for their flourishing. Some of this work is hyper-local and some connect through layers of relationships, crossing cultures, languages, and Christian traditions. We are intentional about listening and seeing carefully, engaging in sensory ethnography, as well as exploring how the arts help us to experience ministry more fully and creatively.

Learn more about our current research: National Study on COVID, the Church and the City, Sustained by the Spirit, and Sensing the City.