a curated list of resources on ministry in the city
Bloomberg City Lab

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The Topography of Wellness: How Health and Disease Shaped the American Landscape by Sara Jensen Carr

Through a study of epidemics past, Carr’s book is a major study on how the environment and the human response has shaped the urban landscape.

A City is Not a Computer: Other Urban Intelligences by Shannon Mattern

Mattern’s book emphasizes local forms of knowledge, rather than strictly data-driven or computational approaches, for seeking better cities.

Can City Life Survive the Coronavirus?

Written early in the pandemic, this essay by Michael Kimmelman makes a compelling case for why cities matter.

Mapping the Impact of Nightly Subway Closures on New Yorkers

How did the NYC subway closures impact people of color, who are more likely to be essential workers who rely on overnight subway service to get to work? Learn more through this article.

The Theology of a Collapsed Condo Building

Writer and theologian Dr. David LeongĀ reflects on the hard work of belonging together in a hurting world.

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